Nov 20, 2011

Homemade Kids Helps Improving Kids Hearing

Homemade kids musical instruments is very useful for improving kids hearing, specially to children aged 1, 2 until 3 years, at this age, kids hearing is very potential to hearing sound, kids at one age usually very sensitive to voice and make he/she very interesting in.
Homemade kids musical instruments was very potential to children auditory training. Besides that, homemade kids musical instruments were very useful for physical training of kids also. So, it’s good idea to used homemade musical instrument for kids.
Toddlers or kids are very interesting to noise, their hearing, eyesight, brain, would faster reaction when listen to noise. So, homemade kids musical instruments is good ideas for developing kids’ potentials. As a parent you have to consider to your kids when they aged 1 to 5 years, this period are very influential to kids future.
Toddlers or kids very active for sounds, kind of sounds that they are hearing will shape their emotional, such as hearing to music and you show him or her that your dance, kids will smile and dance in their style when hearing music. Likewise hearing to loud noise and creepy, kids will be crying and fear. so, it is your responsibility to shape her or him to be better for their future.
The sounds like homemade kids musical instruments will help them to develop, explore and learning around them. Homemade kids instruments can stimulate their brain, and increasing their intelligent to future. So homemade musical instruments are a gift and good idea for you to take kid feels fun.

Find out a dozens of ideas how to present homemade kids musical instruments craft as a gift to kids by going online. Here is I will show you an idea how the simple homemade musical instrument craft, How to make homemade musical instrument for kids ? at first you should pay attention that you have to make sure that your homemade kids musical instruments craft is not dangerous for your toddlers, clean, heavy and not easily swallowed by. 
The homemade musical instrument is simple and easy to make it, and hope it will help you. I call it as “Simple Simple Shaker”;

  1. A powder plastic bottle (middle size of a fine body powder plastic bottle) 
  2. Some rice’s or corns.
How to make it?
Pour the rice’s or corns into the bottle, then tightly closed the bottle caps and make sure the caps of the bottle will not be open. If you doubt you should use a clean cloth to bandage the bottle. Very… very… simple shake isn’t it?
You need 10 minutes for making it, and you ready to shake it together with sing untitled song "Hush… toora,… loora,… loora….", it's cute and crazy ides to stop them creepy and keeping toddlers smile.
As additional, find out the ideas for homemade kids on and download kids music lullaby on for getting best quality.
Have fun with your kids 

Lullaby Music:  Peaceful Piano
Lullaby Music: Peaceful Piano
Lullaby Music: Peaceful Piano

A Giant's Lullaby
A Giant's Lullaby
A Giant's Lullaby

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