Nov 19, 2011

Popular Jazz Music Classic

Jazz music is music genre that originated from the United State at the beginning of the 20th century ago. The United States jazz was influenced by Europe and Africa music flow, commonly, in jazz music instruments used the guitar, trombone, trumpet, drum, piano, violin and saxophone.  

Jazz music as a classic music and romantic music genre which was born in New Orleans of Unite Stated in 1868 years for the first time was belong to entire of community in the world. The development and historical of jazz music that has just played in bars, gambling house, even place of prostitution was made jazz music been adheres in heart a lot of people entire world now, than was born jazz music local in every country in the world.  

Jazz music has several style such as ragtime jazz (American jazz) which very popular in United State on 1897 – 1918, The Origin Jazz which started in New Orleans of United Stated, New Orleans Jazz or Dixieland Jazz music, Swing jazz music which played by instrumental stringed jazz, Gipsy jazz music, it’s popular European jazz, Cool Jazz Music, Free Jazz music, Latin Jazz music, Fusion Jazz Music, Soul Jazz Music and much more of jazz music which popular on his time.

Jazz music sometimes look like strand of tones, and it was not interested to a group of people, but a lot of jazz music lover is a life, and to me cool jazz and origin jazz music was make me interested in, and how about you?. As additional you should learn about jazz music history from various sources of jazz music, and try to listen to jazz music from musicians like Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, Count Basie, Charlie Parker, Miles Davis, John Coltrane, and others.

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Have fun and enjoy the jazz music in your weekend.  

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Top Jazz Music
Top Jazz Music

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