Nov 22, 2011

Salsa Music Dance is Popular Music in Latin America

Salsa music and salsa dance is kind of popular art in Latin American, it's famous as salsa music dance as stated in any source of salsa music. The salsa music comes from Spanish language with the meaning “sauce”. Puerto Rico was the first musicians with salsa music, in any source stated that Puerto Rico as immigrants to New York City and played.

Some sources stated that salsa is the result of a musical evolution of various types of Latin rhythms. Salsa is also a dance style which combines many different cultural genres. Salsa music dance has many characters which can identified as salsa dance style, the salsa dance consisting of steps patterns dress dance and much more as you look in any dance concern, some of salsa music dance style are Salsa dance New York Style, Salsa Cuban Style, Salsa Samba dance style, Salsa dance Reuda de Casino style, salsa dance Merengue style, Salsa dance cha cha cha style, Salsa dance The Bachata style, Salsa dance Colombia style, Salsa dance Zamba style and much more of salsa dance style. At a glance salsa dance look like Yoga style.

If you are a lover of salsa music dance, I am sure names such as Eddie Torres, Johnny Vazquez, Juan Matos, Frankie Martinez, Magna Gopal, Seaon Bristol, Leon rose ware very closed in your mind because they were salsa dancers which well know around the world.

A lot of most famous musicians of salsa, among of them are Tito Puente, pianist Eddie Palmieri, trombonist Willie Colon and many others like Perez Prado, Tito Rodriquez, Ray Barretto, Arsenio Rodriquez, Machito and much more.

Song of salsa lyric music was very unique songs and make very interesting and make anyone interesting in listening it, some of beautiful salsa song lyric which singing by Marc Anthony, Celia Cruz, La India, Jennifer Lopez and find out the music on and

Salsa Music dance was very famous music and dance, and well know and it was heart Latin American as heritance to them.
Have fun with Salsa Music Dance

Dance Beat, Vol 7 (Salsa) - Persian Music
Dance Beat, Vol 7 (Salsa) - Persian Music
Dance Beat, Vol 7 (Salsa) - Persian Music

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