Nov 24, 2011

Samba Dance is a Symbol of Brazilian

Samba music and dance is originated in Brazil, it is popular dance and recognized as Brazilian symbol around the world.  Samba move fast in dance, it was closed with salsa dance. Samba is fun and interested dancing.

Samba dance is fester moving in dance, it’s really crazy and sexy dancing, usually it dances by women on samba dance show, dancer shaking their hip by following the rhythm of percussion music instrumental, and it is the technical of samba dance as we seem.
Samba has become Brazilian inheritance of culture and a symbol to Brazilian. It first introduced in the U.S. in a Broadway play called "Street Carnival" in the late twenties. The festive style and mood of the dance has kept it alive and popular to this day. Samba is a fun dance that fits most of today's popular music, and it is has become national day celebration of Brazilian, which called as "The Samba National Day" that celebrated in every 2, December.
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Have fun with Samba Dance.

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